If you have ever wondered how to get a Musical off the ground at your dance studio then you are going to love the easy to follow and implement, 
‘Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Musical At Your Studio‘.

After years of successfully running profitable Musicals, I’m excited to share this guidebook to how you can ‘get it done’ at your studio too.

Our yearly Musical adds good profit to my studio business but the unexpected bonus is that it has added so much value to our students who love and look forward to this event every year.

It’s become a fantastic retention tool as students are talking about what next year’s Musical might be from the very second we have stepped off the stage from the current year’s production.

There’s no question of not returning to classes ‘next year’ because they are so invested in the fun and excitement of the Musical Event every year.

What’s included? 
You get the 18 page, ‘Step-By-Step Guide to Running a Musical at Your Studio’ plus the spread sheet I use to plan my Musical every year which you can edit with your own dates, times, budget etc.

The Guide will walk you through all the steps that I take to get my musical to the stage.

Chapters include topics like – Getting Started, Budgeting for your Musical, How to run your Audition Day, Getting everyone excited, Production Tips, Promotions and much more.

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